Hope Baptist Church is a missionary-minded church.  We are fully in agreement with world-wide missions and desire to pour as much of the Lord’s money into it as possible. We believe in the great commission, Matthew 28:19-20, Mark 16:15, to go into all the world and preach the gospel. We regularly have missionaries come to speak at our church from around the world. We have a missionary cabinet that every missionary who comes to our church gets to visit. We regularly pray for the mission fields of the world. We believe our missionaries are an extension of our local church. We are responsible to God for how the money the Lord gives us is used and we believe it is to be used wisely in whom we support. We are very serious about whom we support and it is our desire to support only those missionaries that are interested in godliness and holiness in their personal lives and that they and their family have a godly testimony for our Lord, Titus 2:11-13.  We believe that if this is not true in the missioary’s life they will not be able to minister properly on the field, I Timothy 3:4-5.

We also believe that the missionary must be evangelistic, doctrinally sound, Biblically knowledgeable, have a true calling of God on his or her life to the field, and have a true love for the people they are ministering to.  Therefore, we have Hope Baptist Missions to send our own people to the mission field and Hope Baptist Institute to train them to go.  Through our world wide ministry, Hope Biblical Counseling Center, we are providing thousands of pieces of literature around the world for missionaries to use.  Hope Biblical Counseling Center material has been translated into 29 different languages and is being used by missionaries around the world.

Here is a list of our missionaries:

  • Gina Frey
  • Dan Tessin
  • Tim Lewis
  • Adam Rich
  • Clint Rardin
  • David Cloud
  • Bill Hardecker
  • Steve Boots
  • Hope Baptist Missions
  • Marco Paulichen
  • Hope Biblical Counseling and Training Center – Missionaries to those who need help in spiritual growth, Spirit controlled living, and discipleship. For those who are hurting and needy to find answers for their lives from the Bible. Because of the great need for American Christians to train their children to live for the Saviour and to be spiritual parents, husbands and wives, Dr. Terry L. Coomer and his wife Kim started this ministry.  Hope Biblical Counseling Center provides godly literature to Christians, Biblical Counseling Ministries, Hope Biblical Living Conferences, Biblical Counseling Training Conferences, local churches, and spiritual encouragement to Christians to build godly lives. We can help you find the Biblical answers.  You may contact Hope Biblical Counseling and Training Center at 139 Shadow Oaks Drive Sherwood, AR 72120 , (501) 983-4403 , E-mail drterrycoomer@gmail.com, or visit the web site at www.hopebiblicalcounselingcenter.com.