Dan Tessin

Tessin Christmas 2013The Tessins have served in Metro Manila, Philippines and Dan started and pastored Cross  and Crown Baptist Church. They have turned Cross and Crown Baptist Church over to a national pastor.  They are now starting a church on Mactan Island. The Tessins have served faithfully, done a wonderful job, and their desire is to see more churches started.  Dan may be reached atdanieltessin@yahoo.com.

Salvation Testimony of Missionary Dan Tessin

From an early age my soul was filled with fear. I remember the terror I felt as a child when our neighbor was visited by a man looking through their windows at night. I was afraid that he would come to look in my window next. While growing up, I had nightmares of men chasing me with a knife, floods rising around me, car accidents, and tornadoes. The thought of the terror before death and the uncertainty of what happens after death weighed heavy on my mind.

As a seven year old I had the privilege of attending the first three days of a Vacation Bible school. I can still recall vividly how our teacher placed a red felt heart on the display and made several dots on it with a black marker. Then she replaced it with a black heart and explained that each time one sins there is a black mark placed on his heart, until eventually the heart is completely black with sin. This alarmed me. She further explained that when you accept Jesus He cleanses your heart from sin and makes it white. This also disturbed me because I knew that the heart is supposed to be red, not white. Nevertheless, I didn’t want a black heart, so I asked Jesus to forgive me for my sins.

I didn’t have the privilege of being raised in a Christian home or attending church regularly. I grew up not knowing that in receiving Christ one is both forgiven for sin and is assured of spending eternity in heaven with the Lord.

Two weeks before my sixteenth birthday my mother, my brother, and I began attending a Baptist church. There I heard the gospel preached clearly for my first time. I had no assurance of my salvation, but after a few weeks of hearing God’s Word I asked Jesus to forgive me for my sins and to save my soul. At first I still had doubts of my salvation. It was not until I began studying God’s Word that I received assurance of my salvation. It is in seeing and understanding what God has said that one can rest in salvation and in God’s leading in our lives while still on earth. I am sure of my calling to the ministry because it is based in God’s Word. I am sure of forgiveness of each sin I commit because of God’s Word. I am sure that I am in the center of God’s will because of God’s Word and the peace that the Lord has given me.

As a missionary in the Philippines I have many opportunities to share the Gospel. I always emphasize what God says in His Word, and try to make sure that whomever I am witnessing to understands what God has said that they might be saved and know it.